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First Time Users: You will be asked to create an account in order to access the scholarship application. When creating your user name and password, use something that you will be able to remember for future log-ins. You may wish to save your user name and password in a secure location for future reference.  When selecting a password, please note that your password must be eight characters long and contain characters from three of the following four groups:


  • Lower case letters (a,b,c)
  • Upper case letters (A,B,C)
  • Numeric (1,2,3)
  • Alphanumeric characters or symbols (@, $, &)

A sample password is Welcome1

You must save your user name and password in a secure location for future reference. Please DO NOT create more than ONE(1) account.


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If you have any questions, please send the Foundation a message by clicking the Contact Us link above.


Letters Of Recommendation(Merit Applicants):

If you need to update a reference and/or the reference's contact information after you submit an application:
  • Log into your scholarship application.
  • Click on the Manage Letter of Recommendation option in the Next Action box.
  • If your reference(s) have not yet completed the recommendation letter click on the:
    • Send Reminder Email option next to the references data to send out another recommendation invitation email.
    • Withdraw option next to the reference's data and enter the new/updated reference information into the available text box.
  • Though only one (1) references are required, 3 sections are available in case one does not respond to your request.

Note: Dual-enrolled or transient students and Bethune-Cookman University employees and/or their dependent(s) are not eligible to apply for scholarships. 
Additional Questions?  Please e-mail,, or call 800-553-9369